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ALL POINTS BULLETIN: The ZINE cartoonists missing in action… Can you help find them? #4: Andrew Gawne

A recap: on the former Charlotte’s Mag/The ZINE cartoonist front, we’ve established that Jamie Smart went onto become a hugely successful artist on The Dandy, and that Joseph Champniss pursued comedy. We have not heard anything about Matt Saw or Alex Mason – if you know anything, please do get in touch!

Next up: Andrew Gawne. Now, I only recall him doing one strip – ‘Shit Happens’ – which unfolded across issues 9 and 10 of The ZINE. I did rather like his style, and his mix of media. I knew nothing of him then and I know nothing of him now.

My research throws up five Andrew Gawnes across the UK who might possibly be him: in Derbyshire, West London, the Isle of Man and Birmingham, plus an Andrew G Gawne, location unknown.

But enough of the stalky talky, and onto the piccy-wiccies…

As per normal, CLICKEN to EMBIGGEN.


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