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SCANTASTIC! Leo Baxendale’s 1993 Harris Gallery exhibition gets luke-warm write-up in Independent

Another clipping from yore, this time on a celebration of Leo Baxendale‘s work, snipped out of The Independent‘s Saturday magazine back in November 1993.

It’s written by Ruth Picardie, and it’s somewhat snarky. However, it is interesting to read this short account of this exhibition at Preston’s Harris Gallery on the creator of comic icons such as the Bash Street Kids, Minnie the Minx and Little Plum alongside Baxendale’s own memoir, Hobgoblin Wars: Dispatches From The Front – which is available both as a high quality print edition for £120 and as a free PDF.

» ‘They’re playing our toon’ by Ruth Picardie (The Independent Magazine 6/11/93) (PDF)
» Hobgoblin Wars: Dispatches From The Front by Leo Baxendale (PDF)

Edited 15/10/12 because I just noticed I’d left off the end of the article! PDF now updated.